"Brendan was my first born, my first student and the reason I started speaking at schools and mentoring males."

What is the "Brendan Earl Project Transitional Scholarship Fund?" A transitional scholarship is a scholarship to help supplement out-of-pocket costs. Assisting students and parents, helping students focus primarily on education. This is a yearly scholarship that was founded after the untimely death of Brendan Earl. He tragically passed away in a drowning incident trying to help save his friends. He was considered a HERO! Now his legacy lives on through this scholarship fund.

About Brendan Earl

18-year-old Brendan Earl graduated from Central High School Fine and Performing Arts in May of 2013. Brendan was eager, quick to learn, and shy until you got to know him. Electronics, video games, and sound equipment were the things he enjoyed. Brendan's experience at Central High School Fine and Performing Arts had helped him prepare for his future. After high school, Brendan planned on attending Tulsa Technology Center to start his career in game design. After serving a two-year program at Tulsa Tech he planned on attending a university and majoring in graphic design. Upon completion of his college degree, Brendan's intent was to oversee the development and completion of his own game. He already began sketching characters, some background info, and a few ideas for the levels. He was excited about where computer graphics was going to take him.