Holistic Full Service Mentoring Program


What is the POPS Mentoring Program?

The POPS Program is a non-profit (501c-3) organization that was developed and tailored specifically for teens. It is the “Pursuit of Prosperity Strategies,” where we pursue to prosper in the areas of education, careers, finances, relationships, health, and life skills, with a written plan. This program is a step-by-step strategy that combines life skills development, career planning, and moral training. This makes up the basic foundation of knowledge, transitioning teens into young adults.


Our Mission

To train and develop teens in the areas of education, careers, finance, relationships, health, and life skills with a written plan, and connect teens to their career goals.

The Vision is...

 To improve the lives of kids, families, and communities making them above-average students, community leaders, effective heads of households, loving husbands, and active fathers.