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POPS Youth Empowerment Podcast

If you’re looking for more content on youth empowerment, youth success, youth health, youth careers, and youth education, follow, like and subscribe. The only way we can help out our youth is as a community. You can find me on Facebook-@pursuit of prosperity strategies (POPS), Instagram- @thereal.tarellearl, that way you can keep up with me, my organization which is the POPS Program, when our next mentoring session kicks off, on-line class, and the one-on-one mentorship program for those students that find it hard or difficult to be around crowds. In launching the new podcast we’re going to have motivational quotes and their meanings that was inspired by our youth. If you have a youth event coming up, if you are a youth leader, you have a youth organization, you work with youth, counselor, therapist, educator, we want to get you on the books and in studio so people can know who you are, what you’re having, where you’re located, and how they can get in contact with you. If you’re looking for a mentoring program to bring into your facility or a youth speaker, please consider myself and the Popsprogram. If I don’t have your info on my list for your youth event just e-mail me and I’ll make sure we add you.

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